Pruning or pinching single flush pine in development?

I have problems finding back to the video with this information. I remember Ryan has had some good explanations, but can’t seem to find it again (or remember the info:-).

I have a pinus sylvestris that is in development. It has some long leggy branches that hopefully will backbud as I have feed it heavy in autumn and early spring.

The plan is to cut back to make it more compact, thickening is not a goal in itself but acceptable. Problem is I dont have anything to cut back to at the moment. It will start push new growth soon (hopefully) and the question is, to maximize chances for backbudding and get it as strong as possible, should I pinch to push energy into interior or post flush prune for same reason?

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If the tree is in development and you want backbudding you don’t do anything. Just let it explode and wait for the backbudding and then you cut back. Pinching is only a strategy for refinement so no use for it at the moment.

If you are interested i collected all the critical information from the short-needle-single-flush streams and wrote them down:


Thank you very much! Your notes are superb! When reading the notes I can more easily remember the stream as well, very good! Even got the “into the acute and out: boom-boom” :joy:

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