Battling to find basic young pine development videos/info

Hi, just joined the Pro Trial and looking for basics on fall work to promote backbudding on the following:


They were severely neglected, missed decandling and need remedial work now.

Im finding more information on Ryan’s videos on YouTube at the moment, so a bit disappointed :disappointed:.

Please help me to find this information on here, cheers :beers:.

Step one is to get them growing really strongly so they have excess energy that they can devote to back buds and/or interior branches. Once they are growing really strongly you can start to pinch back (Japanese White Pine, Scots, Mugo) or decandle (Japanese Black & Red Pines) to force the energy into the back and interior buds. The key during development is to get very strong growth so there is lots of sap flow along the stems and branches.

There is a good summary of information for most of these in the species guide section under education. Another good place to look is to search the forum. Here is a thread with comments on 3 of the 5 you have listed. Short-Needle Single-Flush Pines notes - Beginners - Mirai Forum ( Finally, when searching the lives streams look for “short needle single flush” and “multi flush” pines along with variations of those terms. Some cover lots of development info while others are focused on refinement.


Hi Marty, thanks for reply. This JBP is vigorous, however very spindly:

I think i need to do a post of each pine tree for advice.

I agree the tree looks healthy. How many buds are at each branch tip. That is a better sign of strength. Really strong JBP will have at least 3 and often 5-7.

I think you will find that the advice for all of these young trees is basically the same as I listed, but others may some additional ideas or comments.

I spy a bunch of healthy pine seedlings! :hushed:

What is the soil like? When was the last time roots were worked? If neglected for a time you may need to start there.

Im not sure how the Pro Trial works but if it allows for posts to the Forum Q&A or the live Q&A then I’d try and take advantage of asking your question there. Both are occur Thursday. Post questions now on the forum thread and it is recorded and usually hits the library the following Monday. Live is live.

Good luck.