Can you ID this Pine?

Can anyone ID this pine, mother in law planted 8 of them 45 years ago on some ledge-stone

2 needle long like a ponderosa. Image search has me narrowing it down to that or Pinus nigra but not really sure.

Which leads me to what are the odds of approach grafting a long branch back on itself lower…eventually for a trunk chop and extraction. She wants the smallest one 20+ feet slanted removed and I dont want to just chop it down. The first branch is about 12 feet high and 8 feet long, it has the length but is this realistic on this old of tissue?

Have you researched Scots pine, aka Scotch pine?

i had not considered a Scots pine and that seems equally as possible :thinking:

The needles seem too long for Scots pine and the candles are different to the ones I am familiar with. How about red pine? they have longer needles and the bark in the photo has a slight reddish tone.

Full sized pine would be difficult to extract. As the roots are unlikely to be in a pocket they will be dispersed with little useful root close enough to the tree and with what looks line 2 other trees in close proximity (could be 2d effect) the roots are likely to be intertwined.

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Red pine is strong possibility. If I were to do it I would probably spend a year growing roots near the base of the tree. It’s definitely a crazy crack root situation.

You are probably correct about how entangled all the roots are

Looks like Austrian Black Pine to me. The needles and candles look the same as the ABP I have.

The amount of effort and probability of success would lead me to make fire wood from this project.

That’s about where I had landed on it, always good to double check before starting the chainsaw!