Pinus parviflora tani mano uki

I picked up a pinus parviflora tani mano uki (might be a garden tree still undecided) anyone have any information. I am assuming long needle single flush protocol but was wondering if there were any nuances like some of the other pinus parviflora cultivars?

Nice Looking tree, looking forward to seeing what you make it into :smiley:

We had a frost hardy pot of the exact size to do no more root reduction so I switched the slipper mainly so it wouldn’t crack in the winter but closer to what we consider " bonsai in development".

Yes it is a lovely little tree and alls I had to do was give the owner my credit card :wink:( it was actually very cheap $138) .

It’s a dwarf with no information on the Internet of others pursuing it…so it’s going to respond less than typical long needle single flush pines, so I will mostly let it be until I get a sense of how it responds to small actions at different times.

Hoping someone on here was equally as foolish as me and could pass on some insights!