What did I find in my tree?

This morning I found some new bugs around a couple of my pots. I THINK spider mite but I don’t know for sure. They were tiny, quick and clear white or brown. I caught one for pictures but it’s so little it’s kind of hard to see clearly. Any clue what they are and if I need to get rid of them?

The last photo LOOKS like a baby spider… grab a eye loop and count the legs… If it is, I leave them alone. Since using organic cube fertiluzer, the little flies are prolific… I dodge the webs…
Except the three local (kinda) poisonous ones. Look them up (Brown recluse)… I smish them… Some get large enough to use a brick…
My local Cats Ear (?) spiders hatch out hundreds at a time. Half a pinhead. July… Adults are huge, but harmless. Extra large webs in walkways around lights. Keeps the mosquitos down!
Bonsai On!

Thanks Kurt! I’ll see if I can find any more for a closer examination.

I do now know I have a mealy bug problem, too. Tree trimmers found nests trimming the maples close to my power lines. The anxiety levels in the garden are going to be high after that discovery.