Spider Mites or Regular spider?

Took this pic of one of my oak plantings, are these spider mite webs? Anyone have success with these pest controls ?

As I understand it, spider mite webbing is on the surface and not as pronounced as your photo. You have spiders. Leave them be.


I second Bills post. In my experience spider mite webbing is much more subtle, and by the time you see webbing there is no question (visible damage on leaf tissue) that you have problems

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I’ll third this. Those are regular spider webs (and spiders are your friends). I’ve had spider mites on my Junipers, and their webbing is much more compact but soft looking, kinda like thin cotton balls. And you will definitely see damage to the leaves, so then you can spray. I’ve used the Bonide spray before, and it works fine. My go to spray for my Junipers is Malathion, though. If I see any signs of spider mites on one of them, I spray all my Junipers so the mites have nowhere to go. I usually only have to do this once in a season.

Disclaimer…As with all chemicals, you should test out a small area on one of your less favorite trees before you go full bore and spray everything.

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I’ve still got Kelthane, which I understand has been pulled from the market. Kills mites like a plague, so I’m using it.

Look like it’s the “good” variety of arachnid, I guess ill keep them around.

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Would you all agree these are regular spiders as well? I don’t see any leaf damage.

yes, regular poisonous spiders.

@antelion would you remove? They are unsightly and if poisonous that’s two strikes. Soapy water or something stronger? Thanks for the reply.

ok, stupid joke on my side. All spider are poisonous as that is how they go about their food. Depending on where you live here might be some that could be an issue for humans, but i am sure one would know about that if present in the area.
Agree on the unsightly. Just physical removal by taking out the webs and moving them off the tree imo.

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