Ryan's Spider Mite Video

Ryan’s video on Spider mites was excellent and of course very informative.

Post stream to spider mite identification.

I do try to look at all of my plants, Bonsai as well as my house plants for problems. Early summer, 2020, I obtained a Dwarf Citrus Lemon tree from a nursery with an excellent reputation. I was intending the tree to be a houseplant not a Bonsai. One day I spotted webs forming on my tree. Immediately took the tree outside to quarantine it from other house plants. Ran to the local nursery and talked with a knowledge chap about what I saw on my lemon tree. Took me to the chemical shelves and went over all the possible products that deal with spider mites. I sprayed the tree while upright. I then turned the tree upside down and sprayed all leaves on the under side. The next day I hit the tree with a lot of water. I’ve not seen any more spider mite appearance. I wish I had watched Ryan’s video on dealing with spider mites before the infestation. I would have like to try the paper smearing test. - A.

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