Are these Springtails?

Last night we got super heavy rains and when I went out this morning to check on my trees I noticed one doug fir in particular had a ton of these little guys…

They’re tiny, 1/16" or even half that.
When I say “a ton”, I mean A TON. All over the pot, all over the soil, even on the tree (although not the entire thing).

I did some quick searching and it looks like they are Springtails. I’ve never seen them in the garden before but it says they like moist conditions and decaying organic matter…makes sense given the circumstance.

Anyone else dealt with these? Leave them? Get rid of them?

The tree has no signs of ill health.

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I will tell you to get rid of that particular moss, Very invasive with a thick dense root mass. I am always removing it from my trees top dressing :-1:t2: :grimacing:


Maybe. Probably not a big deal. Sun will kill them.
Would be healpful to know where you are. Your name tag doesnt say.
What kind of landscape trees are surrounding your yard?
Ditto on the moss… especially the sead heads. Into the garbage or incinerate…

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Thanks for the reply’s.

I’m in SE Michigan. Zone 6 more specifically.
The surrounding trees in the yard are sugar maples, locust and blue spruce.

I did start pulling the ground cover this morning. It’s a constant battle all year, just hadn’t touched this one in a while.

I’ve moved the tree to a spot that will get more light/sun for the next couple days.

The springtails are not much of a problem. Probably from your lawn grass. Try a microscope and look at them… or Google photo…
Check the maples and locust for aphids and scale. They will jump ship , too.
A little acephate spray does the trick on the above for the bonsai.
Imidicloprid worked on my landscape trees. Specially the scale. Systemic poured on the ground. Pricy, but eliminates a lot of problems down the road. Water in. Keep kids and pets out of it for several days.

I battle this moss also, just when you think you have it all removed, BOOM!
Wasn’t sure you knew about its characteristics. It is a nice looking moss when it’s not growing with my trees :+1:t2: :grinning: :evergreen_tree:

Agreed! It would be beautiful ground cover anywhere else lol. It’s amazing how quickly it spreads. It’s the ultimate zen practice to sit and remove it, only to see the tiny sprouts too small to grab that must be left. Pumice seems to be a favorite of it, which keeps the root mass down, but the little ones fill every nook.

One thing I do know that works - crushed organic fertilizer. Sprinkle some of it over the growth and it will kill it within a day or two. Makes refreshing your top dressing a necessity though.

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