Juniper insects

Hi guys I have found a couple of these little insects. I’m not sure what they are. They are very hard to see and find. They have a very soft like shell to squash. I think they are the reason for my die back on my juniper. Does anyone know what they are.

Looks like a snail. Most likely not the reason for die back.

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I thought it might be Fletcher scale

You are right. It’s a small snail. I got it in good light this morning. Are snails like this bad for my juniper

They crawl everywhere, so they pick up spread disease. There are non toxic methods for snail and slug deterrent.

Michael. Your ID label doesnt say where abouts you are. Warm winter area? Do you see snails in summer?
If they are ON the plant, they are eating the small new buds…
Did / do you use lime sulfer and / or dormant oils in the fall? A light systimic spray on the affected jumiper would help. Keep the spray away from flowering trees…
If your in a cold climate, it not too late for a light lime sulfer spray. If your in a non-freezing area, hand pick and smish… maybe a little bur blank and garlic? Check any tree that has new greenery!
If there are juniors, there are over wintering moms. Pick up pots and eradicate them, too. Look for the very small white translucent eggs, they appear in piles. Smish em!
Im getting slugs the size of my thumb around my bonsai. Over wintering with my storage, too! I see eggs in pots quite often.
Local area is desert. Summer–wet cool bonsai stands are a breeding area. Seldome ever see a snail, though!
Bonsai On!

I’m in Australia. We are in fall now. Or autumn as we call it. Our seasons don’t really change until winter. But our winters don’t get really that cold. This juniper is the only one I have found them on and they are only in the apex and so far I have only found about 6 or so. It has lots of new growth. I haven’t used lime sulphur on it but have thought about using it

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