Juniper: what disease?

Hi guys, a few weeks ago i got a new shinpaku juniper and now i saw some white spots on the foliage.

It is possible to scrape off the spots with the fingernails but i am not really sure what it is.

I think it is some kind of coccid. I have to admit that i am not really experienced with junipers, so i hope somebody can give me more information about what exact disease it is and what treatment is the best.

Thank you for your help

Hello, these are scale insects. You should spray with lime sulfur or a chemical.


Yep, what Max said, definitely scale.

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And if you need 3rd confirmation here it is: it is scale :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw great quality of the micro pic. If I had tried it with my camera my drawing would have come out of better quality even tho the camera has such function :joy:

Thank you guys for the quick help. Would you spray immediately or wait till spring?

You can use a dormant spray now. :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning:

Ok, thanks for your help.

…Agree. Dormant spray is best at this time of year. It will suffocate the scale, so they should perish fairly quickly.
Good Luck!

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