Is this juniper scale?

Hi guys
One of my Sabrina’s is showing thease white patches on the newest growth , Otis only happening on the healthiest of the foliage , but it seems to be spreading very quickly
I’m sure I read somewhere that junipers can excrete sap during growth
I can easily scratch off the white patches , it has been treated with a winter wash and also rose clear ( uk product )

Any thoughts ?


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It doesn’t look to me like the resin deposits that I’ve seen before in other junipers.

If it’s spreading then it’s a big clue meaning it’s not normal. It does look like scale. Take your finger nail and see what you find under. Live or recently killed scale will be moist underneath. Dead scale will be dry so don’t assume that all scale is alive as it can stick for a long time.

I think you are probably right , I have scraped off some of the spots and it seems dry underneath so hopefully they are dying
I have just sprayed them again to make sure

As an entomologist and doing some further research it seems like this is a species of scale.

what are you spraying? scale is notorious for coming back depending on what you choose to use.

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About 3 weeks ago I sprayed a insecticidal soap containing neem oil , mainly because I acquired a new juniper that had spider mites so I sprayed all the junipers on my bench and then I introduced parasitic mites as a natural defender

Yesterday I sprayed bug clear ultra that also works as a systemic

I’m with rafi, looks like pitch deposits. Common in junipers that are extremely healthy. It appears to be consistent on the foliage. Scale on junipers tends to be more irregular and in between the scales of the foliage.

Hi Fletch

That makes sense as the deposits are very uniform in location and even when I remove them they appear back in the same location
Guess I’m doing something right as I’m now noticing it on another of my Sabrina’s
I’ve been using a macro camera lens to look closely at them and there is no sign of yellow spots in the middle or any larvae in them

If I use water I can dissolve them and rub them off

It all makes sense as temperatures are rising here now