We need a "Synergy" forum for meeting up in the real world

The forums are great and help us to pool our resources here at Mirai. However, how about Mirai members meeting up out there in the real world? So we could practice bonsai outside of the bubble of the Internet.

I’m thinking along the lines of:

  • Mirai Live watch events
  • Study groups
  • Meet and greet
  • Identifying each other at conventions

I see Synergy as the next logical step for Appreciators, Masters, and Innovators. The Synergy forum would only be viewable if you have a paid subscription to Mirai Live.

We could even have t-shirts to recognize each other in pubic!


Mirai is the only (so far) reason I wish I lived in US. Synergy would be the second one :+1::relaxed:

@BillsBayou Loving your ideas! :hugs:


Great idea @BillsBayou! I wish we lived closer and could get together for B&B (Bonsai & Beer).


Cool logo, maybe even cooler if the connected network made up the contours of the continents in a world map.


I did that logo I a hurry. I should have made the shape of a bonsai.

A “Synergy” forum is a must. I couldn’t agree with you more. And, yes, an identifyers T-shirt !

hello@billsbayou, have you managed to create that synergy forum?
btw, some additional definitions that we can expand to bonsai community:collective intelligence : A shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and communication between individuals in groups and other collective living systems.
SYNERGY: Ability of a group to produce a better result than if each person with the group were working toward the same goal individually

Requires an exchange of energy in addition to an exchange of information in order to produce a result that includes and extends the capabilities of the contributing individuals.

Synergy is one of the component to build collective intelligence. Integrating virtual and"real world" synergy is what would make the Mirai Forum different from other forum in the future: a digital bonsai ecosystem based on collective intelligence @Sam