Join our unofficial Mirai member Discord server

Hey everyone, a few of us Mirai peeps started a Discord server. We’d love for you to join in the conversation.


I’m not sure what a Discord server is. It’s asking for my birthdate and I’m always concerned about what a site does with information. Is considered a safe and secure site?

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What would be the purpose to run a discord group in parallel to the forum?

I’ve used Discord for years. It’s just a chat service. I haven’t had any issues.

The Discord chat is a lot more freeform since it’s not tied to specific threads. Kinda “anything goes”. We do have dedicated channels for things, but even those are just “suggestions”. We just kinda chitchat about whatever. Think of it as a big group text. It’s pretty fun.

It’s a very powerful platform that allows you to share many forms of media quite easily. Along with everything a forum provides you can voice chat, stream/share video and other files directly to members. It’s also only visible to people on the server so it’s more private from that perspective.

The advantage a forum has as I see it is in archiving and searching for content, discord is more set up to be a stream of collective conscious discussion. Discord has a number of bots that the whole server can control to do various tasks such as play music to everyone on the server and it has a nice little app for your phone.

It was initially developed for video gamers but has taken off recently because people recognise the power of its functionality.

ok, thanks for the additional info.

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You can always “create” a birthdate. I do that with sites that I don’t necessarily trust, but of course, not for banks, government sites, etc.

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True. My birthday is January 1st on a lot of sites. :rofl:

Hiya the link appears to be invalid, maybe its expired. Could you make a new link please, cheers

@SueNZ Here you go! Thanks for pointing that out.

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