Watching streams on my Oculus Quest 😂

I installed virtual desktop so that I could play Half-Life Alyx. Then I figured why not watch a stream in VR. Wow. It’s crazy, but it’s kinda like being there. It’s not quite 3D, but the detail cam shots are awesome. It’s like the branch is right in front of you. Sadly the Quest isn’t comfortable enough to watch an entire stream, but it’s still pretty cool. Things you do when you’re tired of sheltering in place. :weary::rofl:


Nerd! :nerd_face:

To be fair, I had considered doing something similar with a ghetto 3D glass setup but the videos are good enough on the big screen.

How’s Half Life? I keep hearing that is groundbreaking…

Half life is dope. Idk about groundbreaking, but it’s really really good. I’d say that it takes what ppl have done with VR and executed it really well. I’m still kinda early on though.

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sweet!!!, we got our child an occulus quest 2 for xmas this year… I cant wait to try this out!!!

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