Under deck cold frame

I water proofed under my deck before I knew what bonsai was and use it as a recovery place for trees. Since the accumulation of too many trees and winter coming up quickly I decided to turn it into a make shit cold frame.

I originally made a small sink in cold frame that sits next to the stairs and can be seen from under the deck at eye height. Added some pictures in case it gives anyone ideas for their space. this year it is more functional than pretty I will tackle the aesthetics next year if it works out well.

This look really good. Is it just screened or will it be plastic covered to keep in the heat?

Thanks Marty
No screen (but thanks for the idea for next spring) and it is wrapped in plastic

This shows the plastic a little better. The second door isn’t on yet…will be tonight because temps are going down to 24° with big winds

Do you think it is worth me putting a fan under there? It’s not air tight by any means but I wasn’t sure if I should consider circulation?

I use a fan in mine, but it is much more closely packed.

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