Trunks in olive trees

Listening to the latest podcast I wonder if the olive trees Ryan and Ricardo saw in Italy resemble the one below in Jerusalem. That trunk is very characteristic of olives in Israel.


further down in the podcast it appears that these are very similar. Interesting that all the olives I’ve seen in Israel are all also twisting clockwise…

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I’ll be working on this olive stump/tree this weekend. Any suggestions as to its form?

with such a thick trunk relative to the height of the tree I would consider trying to use wire to slightly turn all the branches to twist clockwise before fanning out and up in all directions to give it a naturalistic broom style look,

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Thanks, Rafi. After seeing your picture, I was thinking about that.
Will post an updated picture after I finish the work. It also had a jin that I will need to work.

I very much like @rafi’s suggestion. Is the front the front pictured here? If so, in my opinion you might need to lose the branch I have outlined in the picture. I don’t forsee being able to move or bend that branch/trunk in a way that it will look good turned clockwise

Morning all! Yes the dead branch was in the way. It ended up rotten at the top and was jin. However once I got to working on the design, it turned out the other side was a better front. It had 3 main branches which I wired and turn or twisted some. The middle branch went towards the back. The right branch ended up twisted and more to the right. The left main was wired and moved more to the left. Which the far left branch (divided into two) was twisted and move more to the left. I left the small growth (bottom right coming from the trunk) to see what it becomes and maybe making into a far right branch. All in all, I think it looks pretty good. You can’t really see the jin from the front but I may take it off later.


Hey all! Here is a blog with some photos and a video of those olives from Puglia that Ryan and Ricardo spoke to during the podcast. Hopefully some inspiration!