A Little Olive Bonsai

Hi there guys,
I would like to share my new blog post regarding Olive trees that combines some photographs of ancient olives that I took during a trip to Mallorca and the development of my small Olive yamadori. Click here to read the full blog entry
A Little Olive Bonsai


I was inspired to write this post from the Mirai blog post “Ancient Olives” and the podcast of Ricardo Nagaoka and Ryan that was recorder on a field trip to ancient Italian olive orchards. While listening to this podcast I was transported to my trip to Mallorca, more specifically to the orchard where I took these photos.

I hope you like this post. Would be grate if you could give me some feedback on the development of the little olive bonsai as well.



No comment other than I’m incredibly jealous; that’s a great piece of material, you’ve clearly got the skillset to realize its potential, and you’re visibly on your way to doing it. Simply wonderful.

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Thank you Gordon, yes, I was lucky to find this material. I’ll try my best to develop it to its full potential.

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