To repot, or not?

I have a Japanese Larch that needs to be repotted this season. I’ve prepared my soil mix and am ready to go, but I have a reservation repotting now. Even though I’m starting to see green on the buds, I’m about to leave town for two weeks. If I don’t repot now will I have missed the opportunity? Is there any risk in repotting after the foliage is out of the bud, but not yet hardened. Should I go ahead and repot before my trip? It will not dip below freezing while I’m gone and the tree will be protected in a make shift greenhouse.

I would say repot now as long as you’ve got someone to water it while you’re gone. Now or next spring as I see it. Repotting after the foliage has emerged but not before it has hardened is probably the worst time to repot and probably will be detrimental to your first flush of growth/the survival of the tree.

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who will water the tree?

I will have it watered while I’m gone. Thanks for the input!

My Japanese larch are just at the RIGHT spring growth for repoting. Just beyond swelling and notfully open.

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