Larch timings of styling and recovery before repotting

What is the timing of styling larch please? Bud swell is when we can get away with the most, but do we also have a window for moderate work in fall as the last needles are dropping? Then are we safe to repot the following spring, or give a growing season to recover?

Trees are in excellent health, and the repots will be ‘second repot’ style work.

I had to give up my subscription due to money issues so hoping someone can help while I don’t have access to the streams while getting back on my feet. Not a beginner, just cautious with conifers and bad memory.

I’d say hold off 'till bud swelling otherwise you’ll probably get dieback.
I did wire, prune and repot at the same time without any issues.
If the trees are older go slower, don’t push them to far. Style or repot only in one go