Should I repot my recently bought Larch?

Since this is my first spring in bonsai I have got a lot to learn.
I bought this young Larch at the Noelanders Trophy last week. I want to let the trunk grow a little bit bigger. Can I do this by repotting this tree in a bigger training pot (let’s say 14") or is ground growing my only option?
And should I start wiring already or wait until next year?

If you want to repot, do it once the buds start showing signs of growth but before the foliage comes out. nothing will compare to field growing if you want to thicken the trunk and for that you’d also be better off not pruning too much the branches. However, it is a fine balance to not let the branches become too leggy if the tree in the ground decides to grow a lot because it can. There’s another aspect to it considering you’re new to bonsai, and that is the joy of having a tree in a pot and working on it. If I were you I would take a look at the pruning videos and lots and lots of pictures of larches and experiment in this tree with prunning and some initial styling and as long as it is not something too severe (no major bending) then repot in a few weeks once the buds start growing.

I agree with Ravi. Another signal for repotting is just before or just when the roots show white tips. Protect the tree from sub-0C°after repotting. I would let the larch grow for the rest of the year before you do your first designing wiring and pruning if you repot now. I find the best time ro wire and prune is when the larch has no foliage. You have a good view of the structure and branching and the foliage does’t get pinched in under the wire. Wish you much enjoyment with yor Japanese Larch. I bought a shohin hinoki at Noalanders😊

I agree with Ravi as well. I found the first 15 minutes of the Winter Care live stream insightful for pruning Larch. I bought a Larch seedling last summer and have been satisfied with watching it do it’s thing in a bonsai pot. As a beginner, I needed the experience of repotting it and caring for it that way. Fall fertilizing added some growth to the trunk. I pruned the slender branches back to 2 buds. It still looks like a twig, but it seems the trunk has swollen more this past month and the buds are ready to burst. I’m going with a formal upright style. Your tree looks healthy.

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Thanx for the input guys/girls. I repotted it in 50% Kyryu and 50% of my soil mix ( ) and my bonsai teacher pruned the branches back to 2 living buds. Apparently the buds closer to the trunk die very fast if the branch elongates. I also put it in another angle. Don’t know if this is a good one but in 2 years I can always change it I guess.


Nice, I like the new angle, and repotting it into that larger container should help it thicken a bit faster. If it were my tree, I would consider training that first branch on the left as the new leader, as a way to put some sharp movement into the tree. And train a branch in the opposite side to be the first branch.

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