Repotting in winter

just finished watching video of ryan doing spruce over rock planting. noticed he did very little root pruning. I have noticed several people on utube repotting this winter with several different species. what happened to repotting in spring. does it depend on how much you disturb the roots? dormancy? aftercare? Can i dig a landscape blue rug juniper up and pot it? I live in Ohio with temperatures dipping in to single digits the next two days so definitely dormant. will wait until ground thaws or untill spring push. I hear everyone say no repotting until spring and at this stage in my bonsai experience an absolute like that is probably safest. just confusing.

There are a few reasons why Ryan repots now.

One - he has so many trees that he has to start now or he won’t finish until it’s too late.

Two - he has a greenhouse and heat mats (and the knowledge) to keep the trees alive after a repot.

Repotting now is still to early for most climates, especially if you are going to experience freezing temps. Your best bet is to wait until bud push on most trees.