Early Fall in CA. Can I repot my nursery stock Spruce?

Just bought a Blue Spruce whose roots are at the surface and hard as a rock. I believe it’s root bound, but otherwise looks healthy, covered in new growth and buds. It’s early fall in wine country, CA., still quite warm. I know Spruce can be drastically styled just now, but what about the roots, can I repot now? I’d like to repot now so I can do an initial styling in the spring. Seems a little risky but we don’t usually have much more than light frost here. Thoughts?

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I would suggest to wait until spring. Allow the tree to climatise to your garden first. That plus the freaky weather that’s happening everywhere this year. You could be plunged into the worst winter ever. Just a thought…

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Hi! I am in Southern California and the advice on repotting has been to wait until the shortest day of the year to repot most of my trees since we don’t really have winter. I don’t have any spruce though so I can’t specifically respond on that species.

Yes, I agree. After posting last night I continued watching Ryan working on Spruce and concluded that I’m just anxious to get into it. Plus, if I did repot successfully, Spring would probably still be too soon to dramatically cut back branches. I will wait. Appreciate your thoughts, Keith.


Thanks, Danielle! That sounds like good advice, as sensitive to light as our foliar relatives are. I appreciate your response. I’ve decided to wait til Spring, which is usually in February here. Warm Regards, Devaki

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