Thoughts and what is your feel when you see this

Was wondering what y’all feel when looking at this design. This is initial design so still needs development
Being new. Trying to get an Idea of the feel this work brings out in you and also design ideas too


How about moving the branch with raffia closer to the trunk and then out again, repeating the lines of the trunk?

Hi @Nickhorner,

The foliage mass feels too wide to me. I think you can compact and organize a bit more. The branches that are bent over to the right should contribute to the mass on the left rather than expanding the mass. Does that make sense?


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Could you draw it out?

So, I started working on a sketch and realized that I think the downbend on the main trunk looks man made. With such an elongated trunk maybe the answer is to elongate more and accentuate that character. Here’s what I came up with.


This is similar to what I saw in my mind. Up and left.

Still a work in progress. But I agree