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Hey everyone!

We had a couple requests to post photos/info about The Art of Kimura books that are used for The Art of Kimura podcast episodes. If you haven’t listened to those yet, and you’re interested in Kimura’s work, you’re in for a treat! Ryan and student Will go through the books page by page talking about each tree. You can listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re unfamiliar with how to listen to podcasts, check out the post How to listen to Asymmetry Podcast.

This episode only focuses on The Art of Kimura with the black cover (same as the white cover but the page numbers may be slightly different in that edition) - we are hoping to do the other books in the future, they’re just not translated into English. This book is translated from the Japanese edition with the yellow bar on the cover.

Anyway - here are the books:

The first ones are in English, the second ones are in Japanese. I’m pretty sure that the podcast covers books 1 and 2. If you’re looking to buy these books, here are some links:

I haven’t been able to find the Japanese ones online–I’ll keep searching, but if anyone finds links go ahead and post them here.



I order part 2 . Will it follow the podcast?

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You know I’m not totally sure…let me go check. If anything it would be the later episodes in the series of 5.


Just working my way through these podcasts, totally brilliant! As somebody that bought these books many years back I spent hours studying the photos as a relative newbie and to now get an education on the thinking within them is a great idea and inspirational. Thank you.


Hi @Sam, did you manage to check if it’s book 1 or 2 (or both) that the podcast follows? :innocent:

Hey Ralph, sorry for the delay! The podcast only covers book 1. We are hoping to do book 2 in the future though!


No probs, thanks for confirming. :+1:t2:

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I need to buy the first book. Thanks sam.

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I just bought the white one in excellent condition for basically $5. Person didn’t know what they had.