The Art of Kimura Podcast

Hello Mirai,

that’s awesome!!! I wanted to write a comment these days that I would love to listen to a podcast where Ryan is talking about the Kimura Book. And now here it is!
That must be telepathy!

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Continuing the discussion from The Art of Kimura Podcast:

Where did you see it? I looked in the Podcast area and didn’t see it.

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If you subscribe on iTunes or stitcher, it’s there.

Or you can check out the SoundCloud page.

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I listen to this via the „podcasts“ app on my iphone.

Wow, I love this Podcast!

Great 5 part series – an enjoyable way to fill the dead time commuting each day. There was a particular part that caught my attention. 19:50 - 23:40 of part 5, Will and Ryan are discussing a secret forgotten technique of Kimura’s to thicken the trunk via the swelling / healing of wounds. And it doesn’t involve cutting the trunk, contrary to the (possibly inaccurately translated) description in the book.

I think it stood out and piqued my curiosity mostly because, in contrast to the astounding transparency to the knowledge sharing of the Mirai platform, this “forbidden fruit” technique remains a mystery. I completely respect that Ryan doesn’t want to share the technique due to it being not his technique to share and this is by no means a pry.

Just like Will was having a couple of guesses, anyone interested in speculating? I have a few theories.


I too respected Ryan’s decision on that. Great series and now looking forward to the next ones!


would you like to share your theories?


Probably still way off, but when Will was guessing and mentioned vertical knife cuts and Ryan says it’s got nothing to do with a knife…I began to think about that and started settling some thoughts on perforation: possible to accurately target specific areas as well as vary and graduate the density of the holes to blend between. It does damage but doesn’t impede the movement of fluids the same way cuts might. Any thoughts?