Tanuki or not Tanuki that is the question

I have a grape vine that my father dug out of his garden it has beautiful Deadwood, but the main trunk died back to the base. The original root stock has grown from the base and I would really like to make the live foliage interact with the Deadwood but would artificial intervention to unify the two be classed as Tanuki as that point?

It would be a tanuki if you attached the living material up the dead trunk to make it look as though the trunk was still alive on that side.

Do you have a photo? Might help visual your description.

Thinking of the vine aspect, would growing out a long runner and engaging it with the dead wood be possible?

The way I’m envisioning it you could carve a groove and lay a long runner and attach or shape it to the groove, like the vine was attaching and climbing it’s own deadwood?

SoCal this was my exact thinking, but is it skirting the boundaries of tanuki?

It is it’s own root mass and it is connected to the Deadwood by it’s heart wood.

Will get a photo out as soon as I can.

I’m still new and not 100% sure, but I think Tanuki is not the trees own deadwood

Will it make the tree/vine more interesting?

I personally think with a grape vine or even some high bush blueberries having the added support for the new shoots cab be functionally and asthetically.ore interesting.

Its semantics…call it a tree trellis if you don’t like the tunaki association.