Question about Yew

So I’ve got this nice piece of deadwood that I wanna make a tanuki with. Someone here suggested I use a Yew, and I agree, seeing as the deadwood on a yew looks like what I’ve got.

My question is, as a young tree, I can get Taxus Baccata (European Yew) and Taxus Media Hillii (the male hybrid between European and Japanese Yew). The latter has denser shorter foliage and grows 360 around the branch, unlike the European one where you get lateral needle pairs. I take it the Media foliage will be better for bonsai, but it is equally suitable for Tanuki specifically? Since it’s a hybrid, I feel like it might be a slower grower.

Here’s a pic of the deadwood piece I have:

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Hi @itisoktodance,
I have not played with tanuki, but i am growing yew root over rock, so there may be some crossovers. I would go with the faster growing tree, as you want vascular growth to join the tree onto the deadwood.

I think the real question should be what you prefer? Would you rather the hybrid foliage or the normal? Does the growth rate matter? Are you imagining to be well developed in a few years or decades?

Either way yew is great as a tanuki!

Thanks! I actually took a look at both in person and the European one just looks so much better in person. I got a smaller one so I can bend it. Now I’m just waiting for my Dremel bits to arrive so I can carve out the channel for the live vein.

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Cable ties work well for holding the tree in the channel. I helped a friend make a tanuki last year with yew and this year they have filled most of the channels! Best of luck! Can’t wait to see what you do!