Taxus in Texas: Impulse buy

I made my way to the local nursery looking for some larger juniper material and to see if there were any sale items available that might work for bonsai. The junipers were few and far between, but I did come across a 3 gallon Japanese yew and having never seen one in my area before it really piqued my interest. There was no information on the label so I assumed it was out of my price range, but when I brought it to the counter for a price check it came out to $16. Given how affordable it was I decided it was worth experimenting with. I’m still in the process of cleaning, and although the tree seems very healthy, with tons of green healthy foliage and buds galore, I am still finding myself wondering if it’s a suitable piece of material for my area as I have never seen one. Does anyone have experience with Japanese Yew in Texas? I have also read that they like shade, and it was being kept in a very shaded area beneath some trees. Would it be alright to keep it under a covered porch?


In the Dallas area it grows well but needs regular water and doesn’t like hot sun but doesn’t need full shade.


I cleaned this out to some degree and tried to get the trunk more visible around the time of purchase. The branches are a little ungainly, but this thing is back budding all over the place (which is a new experience for me). Struggling with understanding how to balance the large foliage with the relatively thin windy trunk.


Nice work!!! I really like the movement in the trunk. :+1:

Update…? Photo? Repotted? Survived?