Suggestion for small improvement to Q&A's in library

Hi @Sam,

Just a small idea for an improvement which should be possible with minimal web development effort. This improvement applies to both the Live Q&A and Forum Q&A.

Someone, possibly you Sam, has helpfully written the timestamp of each question/topic in the Q&As. It’d be even more helpful if a user could simply click the timestamp to automatically skip to that exact point in the video.

Once it’s been set up in the right way*, then I can’t imagine it’d be much more effort than what you’re already doing in finding and writing the timestamp, to make the timestamp a hyperlink. Broadly, by appending #t= to the video URL followed by the time in the video where you’d like it to play from. For example:

00:07:36 Japanese black pine / Design

*the hyperlink would probably need to pass the parameter to the video URL in the iframe embed code, including autoplay=1 before the timestamp code e.g. But next time you talk to your web developer, this should be an easy one.


Hey Ralph! Thanks so much for this idea–this is great! I will definitely get this on the docket down the line with our developers. I appreciate the feedback so much, this would be such a helpful feature!!

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