Date/Time of Next Q&A?

I’m trying to find out when the next Q & A is. Can anybody tell me where to find this information?

I also have trouble finding this information almost every week. Sometimes it’s listed on the Mirai Live page, sometimes I can’t find it. Could you make an area that is easily viewable/accessible for T3 members to find out when the next Q&A is? Sometimes I miss them just because I don’t know what time it’s scheduled at.

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Hey Stephen,
I just found that Marai emails are going to my junk mail. It looks like they send out a weekly reminder listing the date and time of the Q&A.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the heads up. I do get those emails, however I still think it would be very helpful to have it actually listed on the website in an area that doesn’t change. Sometimes it’s under the Mirai Live Tab under the large photo, sometimes it’s not. I find it way easier (since I visit the site often enough) to try and find it there than to dig through emails. I’m betting it would also help other members. Just a suggestion for the Mirai team. Sometimes (rarely) they’ve also changed times for the livestream. I think it would be great to have a “podcast/livestream” schedule tab or page somewhere where members can easily access the schedule.

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Hey @ryan.marin - we provide the Q&A times like you said in the weekly emails and also we post the time in the note below the hero image on the home page of Mirai Live. We typically update that note on Monday morning. Q&A’s usually occur on Wednesdays or Thursdays at varying times. There are sometimes weeks where we do not have Q&A’s, but we will post a note about that on the home and in the email as well.

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You must also be logged in to see the Date and Time of the Q&A on the Mirai Live page. You won’t see it if you have the “How to Water” vid.