Q&A Time Change today!

Hey all Tier 3 members, your Live Q&A today is changed from 1pm PST to 4pm PST. See you in the workshop!


PS(tandard)T or PD(aylight)T?

You Oregonians rebel against the strangest things and I hate time math.

Q 17) If OregonUser connects to the Internet at 4pm PST and LouisianaUser connects to the Internet at 6pm CDT, they will have missed each other by: (show your work)
a) 4 hours
b) 6 hours
c) 1 hour
d) They won’t miss each other
e) LouisianaUser will never know

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I think we need to remind the Mirai crew that we are now on PDT. :grin:


shoot. you are right. PDT! Thanks for catching that!