Feature Request: Restart Video Where You Left Off

When you come back to live.bonsaimirai.com you are greeted with the last video you were watching and it says “continue watching”. That’s great. The system knows what I was watching last. But when I play the video it starts at the beginning and I have to try to find where I stopped watching it. It would be great if it would also restart your video at the point where you left off.

Thanks for considering this.


I just make a note of what time I stopped in my notebook. I also make notes about the timing of key points that I may want to rewatch

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I do that … when I rememeber to! :wink: Most of the time I stop in the middle when I get interrupted by something… :man_facepalming:

I second this! I rarely have time to sit down and watch a whole video, so this would be a great feature!


Same here, I actually had a video start where I left twice then it never happened again :frowning:

I swear it was a feature like 2 years ago. And the poof, it vanished.

Probably a change in video player? I just keep the tab open until I’m done with the stream or make a mental note of where I left off. It’d also be nice if it didn’t mark a video as viewed just because you watched literally 1 second of it.


I agree and would also like to add that it would be nice at some point to be able to save videos in a favorites folder. Meaning videos I have to come back and watch multiple times and it would just make it easier than having search the title of video every time.


I have a separate document where I keep web addresses with notes of content for rewatching.
Mirai is a large part of the record but I have other practitioners saved by tree species.