Functionality of streaming issues

Hey there! I’ve been experiencing issues with streaming, particularly pausing a video half-way through and then trying to come back to it. It seems to get stuck in a constant spinning wheel.
The only thing I’ve found to help is to hit Ctrl+F5 to clear my cache. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any tips for watching success? I’d rather not have to download each video to have that functionality (yes, you can do that), but I’m almost at that point.

Hi there! Friendly tech support/all other things helper here :slight_smile: This can happen sometimes and may be due to your local internet connection - have you run a speed test? Do you have issues watching our livestreams when we’re live?

What browser and device are you using? Are both updated to the most recent operating system? The site tends to work best on Chrome or Firefox. Also, Ctrl + F5 will give you a hard refresh, which is helpful, but if you actually clear the cache through your browser settings that may give you better results.

Lastly–there shouldn’t be a (legal) way to download the videos, as they are only available online through the platform. Downloading them for viewing off the site would be a breach of our terms of service. I’m sure we can troubleshoot this for you and get it working!

If you ever have trouble with the site, you can always reach me by tagging @Sam in the forum or emailing Hope this is helpful!

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It also depends on how big a window the video is actually streaming on. if you don’t expand the pic it helps. I have had to watch on smaller devices sometimes if the stream is jumping back. Sam recommended a refresh and it will catch you up the the live stream so you don’t have to watch it over and over. it does settle down after a while and seems to start again about half way through the stream. Hope this helps anyone.

Thanks for the help! Not sure about the legality issue, so I’ll just avoid that topic. I just have the option to download on my browser, didn’t know that functionality was illegal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no issue actually watching the videos from the beginning, it’s starting from the middle of them, so likely not a connection issue.

Clearing the cache helps, just wondering if anyone else has other suggestions.

Feel free to go ahead and delete this, didn’t want to ruffle any feathers

No worries! Totally fine, obviously I can’t control what people do in the privacy of their own homes but had to say something :wink: If you don’t mind–what browser are you using? I’ve never seen that option in a browser before.

Vimeo is sometimes funky with certain devices and browsers. We’ve found the best combo to be a PC/laptop with Chrome or Firefox. I would recommend reporting the issue to them as well–

I’m just using chrome, must be an extension I already have.

Here’s the results of my speed test:

Still having these issues even after clearing the cache.
I’ll report it!

Hmmm - can’t say that I’ve experienced these issues. The only time that I get the loading wheel is when I’m trying to watch streams on a mobile device (usually Firefox on iOS). Otherwise on a desktop (macOS with Firefox or Chrome) I haven’t had any issues.

Have you tried watching a video in an Incognito / Private tab? I believe those should disable any browser extensions that might be causing some interference.

That’s an excellent idea, Evan! I tried that but still getting the spinning circle of doom. Not really sure what else to try. I might switch over to my mobile device, but you’d think a laptop plugged directly into the router would be the fastest connection.

Weird. Only time I have issues is when I’ve had the video paused for a long time. It logs me out under the hood and when I refresh I have to log back in.

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I have the same issues. Video is almost unwatchable most of the time with so many starts and stops and cache refreshings needed. Speedtest is good. I’ve tired on three different devices, multiple browsers, got a new modem/router, still happens. I’ll probably take @Sam up on her troubleshoot offer to get to the bottom of the issue. But wanted to let you know that you weren’t alone.


I mostly watch in the library (being in the UK most live streams are too late) but when I do watch live I get a few problems with it suddenly skipping back a minute or two, giving me a groundhog experience, or just freezing so I have to refresh the page. It’s not bad for me - just now and again so I persist, but you’re not alone. I like to comment on live streams from time to time so I’m never sure if I’m commenting live or a few minutes after the fact.

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Having the same issues. Using a Mac desktop and have over 11 Mbps speed. Library freezes and get the spinning load screen of death. Have changed over to the latest Firefox browser from Safari after suggestions from @Sam, but know joy yet. Have cleared the cache multiple times. Haven’t tried the live streams yet. Any suggestions welcome.

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I use a lot of programs on my computer for work so naturally I run into issues. My go to trouble shooting when I start having issues is to 1. Make sure my system is up to date as well as the program i’m using. 2. disable any start up programs that are not crucial to running windows. 3. clear cache and history and then restart windows. I’m not a computer geek so I cant tell you why it works, I just know it does! I think i saw someone mention using incognito mode, that’s a good idea too if you run a lot of extensions, best of luck.

I’m just gonna watch them on VHS from now on :man_shrugging:t4:

I think what happening is that I keep getting logged out of Mirai Live in the middle of the video, causing the issue. It seems to occur about at the same time after I’ve logged in. I’ve found just logging in again seems to fix the issue.
@Sam, is there any way to extend this auto-logout time to the length of Mirai’s longest video +30 min, if this exists?

This isn’t for sure, either, it’s just something I’ve found that helped.

@zlessley This is an issue I’ve never heard of! Does it actually log you out and refresh the page in the middle of the video you’re watching? Or at the end of the video, you click on something else and you’re logged out?

I’ll get more specific step by step information and document it properly!

Hmmmmm… ok, my theory seems wrong, my bad. I’ve been streaming most of the morning with few issues that aren’t resolved by just refreshing. It has frozen a handful of times so far, possibly caused by other things going on, but each time it seems to be resolved by refreshing.

I’ve been getting issues here in the UK since lockdown started. So many people are online that the recorded streams or even YouTube are causing me issues . It was always perfect before so I’m confident that once usage levels even out again then it will be fine.

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