Feature requests for the video library?

I’m not sure if there is already a thread for this, but I have a few requests for the website developers. Overall, I really love the site experience, and I am so grateful for the insane amount of great content on here! I just wish there were a few additional capabilities.

  • Able to apply multiple filters to the video library at the same time.
  • Able to see the videos you’ve already watched and/or favorite a video that you want watch later or come back to.
  • List & mark the sections/chapters of the video. It’s hard to flip through to find something you want to reference, or to know if a video is going to cover what you need.

it would also be nice if you could tie together videos that feature the same (specific) tree, so that we could watch it develop over time.


I would like to see this too across all the channels.

Every time a piece of content is published (video, blog post, Instagram image etc) it could be tagged with the trees petname/alias eg big blue.

Then clicking the tag should bring up a page listing every bit of content relating to that tree in chronological order.

That would allow us to easily see the full history and development progression over time.

Would also be a nice register of the trees past

yeah, actually just being able to click on any of the tabs in that right-side column would be useful, too.