Link follow-ups to videos?

Might it be possible to link followup photos, etc. to videos in the library? I joined fairly recently and am watching some of the older videos. Sometimes at the end Ryan will say something about posting photos on Instagram or other social media, of the finished styling/wiring or a repot, for example. Hard to find that 2 years after the posting.
Thanks so much for all of the work that goes into delivering great information.


I love this idea. Would hep a lot.


I would love this idea too. Perhaps @Sam can make it possible but i assume that this will cost a lot of server space.


Hey y’all! We are trying to find a good solution for this - I know it is frustrating to hear Ryan talk about follow-up images and then not be able to find them. The biggest obstacle at play here is that a lot of times when Ryan says that, things just don’t get finished in a timely manner. With over 800 trees in the garden, along with all the other stuff he has going on, it’s just difficult to get to everything. When he does have the opportunity to finish things, I post the photos in the forum category that they fit best in - so styling streams would go in design, repotting streams in horticulture, etc. I will do a better job of titling them so that they’re easily searchable using the search function. Until we are completely on our own server (a future goal!) that’s kind of the best we can do. But it’s on our list of improvements!

Thank you for the support–sorry I don’t have better news on it!


thank you Sam.
800 trees …? what about a stream “Garden tour” ? Could also be a free stream published on youtube to promote Mirai … :thinking:

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Thanks Sam. I kind of thought when I posed the question that it probably wasn’t entirely possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. It might get the idea on someone’s radar, or get baby steps toward that end started. I really appreciate all the fabulous resources! Keep up the great work!

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