Can't find Mirai video on ground grow Juniper styling

Hello all,
I came across a video of Ryan on youtube that I could only watch for a few minutes, and then it was suddenly unavailable. Link of the video:

It was a video about the first styling of a juniper.

I can’t find the same video anywhere in the Mirai library. Anyone any idea how to find it again?

Thanks in advance and all of you have a healthy 2022

That was Tuesdays steam I believe. It’ll show up in the library soon. Maybe today, though with the holidays it might not happen on their normal timelines.


It was already on YouTube. And I could watch the video, and after about 5 minutes it was unaccessible. Thanks, will wait a few days :slight_smile:

Yeah that was the archive of the live stream that YouTube automatically does. But they tend to edit the videos (slightly) to fix audio issues and whatnot before putting them in the archive.