Subscription Renewal Prompt

Hello all!

I have received communication from various members today notifying me that once logged into Mirai Live, they are seeing a prompt at the top of the homepage encouraging them to “renew subscription”. Please know that this seems to be a website coding error, and your account is on track with auto-renewal!

I have our coders working hard to fix this right now. In the time being, simply ignore the prompt and you should still be able to navigate the library and join live events despite the unusual appearance. Please reply to this thread if you are noticing any additional errors when using your account!

Eve & the Mirai Team


I sent you emails about this, so I guess you can ignore them now.

Thanks Eve :}

@Eve , Interesting. Thank you for the reminder…
Last year, my wife asked what the charge on the card was for. No reciept. No email. She is an Auditor… Had to look it up and figure it out.
California does have (?) a ‘automatic charge notification’ rule. Mine is coming up, about March 15.
Do you send out notifications or charge reciepts?
Not unhappy at any point… Worth every penney! Keeping me going in this New Covid World Order!
Bonsai On!

Thank you for your patience all! It seems to have been a simple website coding error, and it has since been repaired. Please comment on this thread or message me directly if you are still experiencing issues.