Silver Birch yellowing and loosing leaves

Hi Everyone,

I have a Silver Birch that has yellowing leaves and is now shedding them.
I have other Silver Birch not showing the same problem all sat close to each other, same amount of sun watering etc.
I am thinking it is a root related problem as the new emerging leaves are starting to shrivel up, so it suggests lack of water uptake to me, does anyone else think the same?
I am in northern France, summer is now upon us, if this is a root related problem, maybe pour balance of water & oxygen.
The tree hasn’t been repotted for over 2 years.
What would be my first cause of action, i am not thinking this would be a good time to repot?

thanks in advance,

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Check out 54:25 in this Q&A and see if that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply carl, i can’t access the Q&A, could you tell me what he says please. or i will may be have to up my level and get the Q&A as well.

Hi there! I too cannot see the live Q+A in the library. Does the standard subscription not give access to the full library, including Q+A? I thought PRO subscription is only needed to join the actual LIVE Q+A…

I dont think it does, i have never been able to access them… I am on tier 2 membership, not actually sure what i get never checked.179$ i think per year.

I’m on that same one, 179 / yr. I wish I could see the Q+A reruns.