Large Chinese Elm Trouble

Recently acquired Chinese Elm is yellowing it’s leaves on half the tree. I recently repotted and placed in partial shade. Its I’m partial native soil and surrounded with Bonsai soil. Gets watered every day to every other day. Now with the summer rains coming I will be able to water less with the hose and rely more on the rain. Not sure why it’s yellowing so much other than I May have waited to late to repot. What can I do ?

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Hey @Cjlopez4, I would suggest you to check topic ‘Chinese Elm and hard rain’ in this forum. This gives you an idea that for whatever reason it is stressed it has no problem to come back to life.
If it calms you down mine is recently leafless (end of spring here) and it was repoted this year. Just waiting to see new buds. Honestly, it does yellow, loose leaves, rebud almost yearly and I never understood why… Seems like they tend to get stressed easily and it looks like they die but are fine after. Some sort of hard reset Im calling it :wink:

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If its foliage is yellowing on half of the tree it might be root related.
When did you repot, were the leaves fully open, any root work?
What was your watering schedule after the repot?
After a repot you want the first watering to show signs that the tree is taking up water, foliage is showing growth and soil substrate drying out.

I repotted two-three weeks ago. Very little root work. Watering maybe every other day if not everyday. Running into the raining season now.

Did you reduce the roots during the repot? I don’t have a ton of experience with Chinese elm, but most deciduous trees don’t like their roots reduced after the leaves come out.

Placed in the shade for the majority of the day and being mindful not to over water, it has stopped yellowing.