Bald cypress yellowing

I’ve only been working on bonsai for 2 years now, so I have a LOT to learn. I have a bald cypress that grew strongly this spring after struggling last year, when I acquired it. The growth hardened normally, but now all that new growth is yellowing. I water it daily, so it never dries out. However, mt well water has a high PH–7 to 8. Could that be part of the problem? Or is it lacking some nutrient? I fertilized it heavily this spring with a standard bonsai fertilizer, and it responded well. The yellowing started after the latest fertilization. I repotted it last spring (1/3 acadama, 1/3 sand, 1/3 organic material, sold by my local bonsai nursery). Because I’m a beginner, I can’t tell which variables might be causing the problem. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

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Since you potted it in 1/3 sand and 1/3 organic material my guess would be thar you are over watering it. Don’t have any experience with bald cypress but I know some peeps here in the forum has so let’s hope they respond.
Pictures would also help.

Would love to hear what’s causing this too. I have a few BC seedlings myself. I always thought it wasn’t possible to over-water a Bald Cypress.

Ryan recommends pure akadama for BC I have followed his lead on that, I do not believe you can keep a BC “TO WET” they live in water. I do use Bio Gold for fertilizer and have never had yellowing, the trees are very vigorous. A picture may help, is it inner leaves yellowing? that may indicate not enough sun getting to interior.

Thank you all for your responses. I did read that bald cypresses cannot be over-watered, but when it began yellowing, I started having doubts. I will definitely be switching to pure akadama at next repot, assuming I can stop its decline in time. I’m posting a couple of photos to show the yellowing,

I could try chelated iron or raising the Ph of the soil. That’s about as far as my own thinking goes. Poor tree…

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You do have them out in FULL SUN all day correct?

No Shade full direct sun all day for me on a southeast exposure, mine enjoy the burn

Thanks! I moved into full sun. I had it screened in the heat of the afternoon. It’s doing well now.

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