Bald Cypress discoloration

My bald cypress is changing color. I’m in Oklahoma so it way too early for fall colors. I don’t see any other signs of fungal or pest issues. The foliage isn’t brittle either. So I’m at a loss on what it could be. Does anyone know what this might be?

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Top 1/3 of mine is turning a golden shade, also.
Still quite alive and appears healthy. Still poppin terminal green growth.
I assumed it was in response to the last two weeks of 99F 15% humidity. I keep my pot wett-ish.
Hay @BillsBayou , is this normal!


Yeah that’s how mine is. Seems fine but definitely getting a yellow shade but new growth is vibrant green. It’s been in 90s here for a while and it gets full sun until about 2pm then shaded out by a tree in the yard.

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@Bonsai_Bentley , is this normal? You live ‘down there’…
I’m not at all concerned about it. Don’t remember if it changed last summer.
My Dawn redwood has a different growth habit this year, too.
I think it is because I let BOTH elongate till July before trimming back, rather than clip n grow all spring.
Proper way to deal with em…
Bonsai On!

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I’ve not seen this behavior in BC around here. I have 4.

Mine definitely do this in the hottest part of the summer as well.

I wouldn’t worry. The upside to the long hot summer is an extended growing season. Mine typically put out another flush of healthy new growth before the fall color. Even the big BC I have standing in water in a giant pot have some bits of sunburned color like this. The ones I have in little bots are this color across ~60% of the canopy.

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Thanks everyone! It seems to make sense that it’s probably just a bit too much sun and heat. I’ve moved it to an area with a bit more shade. Hopefully that helps keep the new growth a better shade of green.

It is caused by a combination of excessive heat and lack of sufficient water. You need to keep your bald cypress soaking wet in the summer.