Not bonsai, but anyone know what's wrong with my bald cypress?

This tree is in my landscape. It pushed out a ton of growth this year and is super lush. However, this morning I noticed that over 50% of the tree looks like this. At first I thought it was sun scorch as it seemed to only be on one side of the tree. Then I walked around to the other side and noticed that there were some branches like that on the other side as well. :sob:

I did recently put out some fertilizer spikes, but I did that last year too with no issues. :confused:

Strange looks like it’s had a real dry winter but obviously it hasn’t :thinking: have you given it a good soak with the heat this week? It’s an odd one

The tree is on my property line between my house and my neighbor. We water our lawns on alternating days, so it gets water every morning. That’s helped it grow like crazy in a single year. This is going on year two for it and the first time I’ve seen it do this. :confused:

Looks like just the tips? Maybe fertiliser burn but I wouldn’t expect it on a decent sized tree.

I wouldn’t expect it to happen that quickly either. I just put them in Sunday afternoon.

I’d say flood it to cover possible drought issues and it’ll dilute the feed down hopefully maybe?.

Worth a shot :man_shrugging:t4: