Bald Cypress pest identification

Hello Everyone,

My bald cypress is now preparing for winter and so its leaves are turning brown and starting to fall down. I noticed some of the leaves are not only turning brown but also black, starting with some little ‘scale-looking’ dots. The tree has been strong the last years, always showing healthy green leaves. The black color is only appearing now that the tree is loosing its leaves for winter.

These are some photos:

I was wondering if any of you has experience with this, and if there are some ideas of what it can be. Any advice on how to treat this ?


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Hi @furibe,
Have you had any cold nights/ frost?

Hi Andy,
We had a couple of nights with 4°C (39°F) in the last two weeks. But most of the time it has been around 9°C (48°F). The last couple of years were colder around this time, and I did not see the black color in the leaves at all. Maybe a thing to note is that it has been more rainy, so the soil (full akadama) is constantly wet.

Thanks @furibe,
So its starting to look fungal.
Perhaps prop the pot at an angle to aid drainage, bring the tree under cover or place some tiles on the soil to shed rain water.
Probably a good idea to get rid of the spotty leaves from the tree and soil to break the cycle.

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Thank you Andy.
I just put the pot at an angle. Since the leaves are falling down anyway, I am just making sure to remove them from the soil. Maybe a diluted lime sulfur spray for winter makes sense?

A dormant fungal spray might be a good idea in case it is fungal. I did that with a Dawn Redwood and it certainly didn’t harm the tree.

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