Betula (Silver Birch)

I bought this Silver Birch (Betuala) a few weeks ago and over the last week there is this white effect on the leaves. I cant find any bugs or insects, it doesn’t wipe off. The tree seems healthy and there are still new buds coming through.

I am wondering if anyone has any idea what it is ? It was in a really sunny spot, so I have moved it to more of a shaded position with morning sun.

Any help would be great as I have no clue.

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To be completely honest I think it is normal. It may be some salts coming out. It’s something I’ve seen on the couple of silver birch I have too. It doesn’t seem to affect them as far as I am aware.

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Ok thanks, I was just a bit concerned as the tree was new to me and in a soil I am not familiar with, quite shallow etc. I have added some top dressing to the soli to try and hold some more moisture.

Good to hear that it doesn’t seem to effect them.

James, has there been a water change from where you purchased it to your water at home? Tht may be the cause.

Hi Keith,

Yes I am sure there is. It came from North of the UK to South (Devon)?

I think that’s your answer. The water in Devon is soft (having lived in Plymouth for 15 yrs) whereas up north (I now regretfully live near Doncaster) the water is very hard. It simply needs time to adjust. Next year it will look even better.

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Thanks for your input, puts my mind at rest as I think it could be an interesting little tree.