Yellowing satsuki leaves, noo!

Hi all! First post here and sorry to come with a problem but my entire satsuki is covered in all yellowish-green leaves. It started with just the older leaves then we had our first freeze in nyc a couple of weeks ago, but has been in 40s and 50s since. Its going into a cold frame this weekend but here are some current pics. Do you think all the roots got damaged in that first freeze to cause the yellowing? This tree is a recent purchase that was shipped to me from Delaware to me this summer. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hello Francesco and welcome.
Can you “quantify” the freeze? There is a difference between some hrs at night slightly past freezing or a full night of substantially below.
This could well be compounding of fall colours/leave drop and the reaction to the cold which could lead to additional leaves dropping (one the youngest ones remaining).
Did you fertilise for fall?

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It was a full night and also part of the next day temps got down into mid to high 20s for about 24hrs.

Did not fertilize this fall…I hope its just a combination of that colder weather and not a frozen football.

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Hi @Francesco
Azaleas are ericatious or acid loving. Your leaves may be chlorotic, which (I’m not sure) is a mineral deficiency (iron? Magnesium?)
What is the pH of your water ?
What type of fertiliser have you been using?
Their roots are fine and don’t like being frozen into a block.

I’ll have to check the pH and get back to you. Did not fertilize this fall…

Hi @Francesco. About now azalea leaves do go yellow. These are the summer leaves. Check closely at the end of the stems (where the flower buds are) and if you have green leaves these are called the winter resting leaves. If this is the case all is normal, the frost has simply caused it to go into winter in a rush. Also check along the trunks and branches looking for cracks caused by frost damage. If there are any, seal immediately with Kyanol or such like. It’s unlikely you have acid water in your house so you may need to collect some rain water. If I find time I’ll take a snap of my azaleas (which are now in the greenhouse for the winter) to show you the yellow leaves.


Green leaves are definitely where the flower buds are, so that is good news. No cracks on branches/trunk either.

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Here are the phots of normal Azalea winter behaviour with the summer (yellow) leaves dying off and the green (winter resting) leaves surrounding next years flower buds. This particular tree has been disbudded. (


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Thanks for the pics!

Still nervous about mine though…

Soil is staying wet too…I know it doesn’t take up as much water during winter time, but I feel like its remained moist for about 7 days now…

Update. Strong yellow color now, no more light green/yellowish leaves, still has dark green leaves around buds though. Quite pretty. Hopefully healthy.


the mine also and turn into dark red ,every year.

Yours turn from green, to yellow to dark red?

yes,i will sent pictures in the future

Hi @Francesco. You have been lucky. As you can see by my pictures, mine have changed colour in dribs and drabs, whereas yours have changed in one hit. To change like yours is a sign that in your area there has been sunny days and cool crisp nights. We’ve experienced a huge amount of rain and no sun. Now we’re in the frosty time so they are in an unheated greenhouse for the winter.

Well that is good news. Appreciate the feedback. Yes, days have been bright and sunny and most nights have been relatively warm as in the high 30s to low 40s. In just the last couple of days, temps are finally turning wintry as in hitting close to freezing.

@jvc. Am I right in thinking yours has red flowers? That’s the only time I’ve seen autumn leaves go red. Hopefully they all change colour at the same time as I would imagine it looks quite spectacular.

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Took some pics of my azalea. I think this is normal. :confused:

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Nice. Mine looks exactly like that. Thanks for the affirmation.

Oh, I was looking for affirmation as well lol. Mine is loaded up with flower buds though. I hope they open soon. I’m anxious to see what color they are.