Azalea leaves turning yellow

hey guys. have nice midsize azalea with leaves turning yellow and falling. too wet? bought tree from Brussels bonsai in early spring this year. Soil is still taking water but is so dense it cant be penetrated by moisture probe. almost like roots are so dense it needs repotted. Can i do it this time of year? I know Herrons Bonsai in the U.K. repot azaleas in Feb. appreciate any discussion.

Have you got a picture? Is it a few leaves or all?

If you feel that the soil is staying too moist, tilt it to assist with the draining. I have always been taught to repot in the Spring with Kanuma (100%). I hope this helps.

My take is some leaf drop towards winter is normal.

can not figure out how to send pictures, guess i’ll have to get my 5yr. old grand nephew to show me. my other azaleas are not turning yellow, not dropping leaves. I think i’ll do like victor says and tilt pot. Maybe shin is too wet.

are all the leaves turning fairly the same, or might it be that the ones turning are older leaves? some in the rhodi family are on pretty strong two year cycles, where they will drop nearly half their leaves and replace them each year. looks scary, thankfully its normal in some types.

I think you might be right Rivka. about half the leaves, and it is scary. took some precautions. tilted pot. sprayed foliage. with epson salt solution thinking it might be magnesium deficient. in unheated greenhouse. will find out come spring. thanks for input.

Check on the exact species of azalea, as some of them are deciduous. I posted a similar case here a couple of years ago before I knew that!

Azalea leaves do go yellow and drop off. These are the summer leaves. You should have green leaves on the tips of the branches which protect the flower buds. These are called the winter resting leaves. What variety is it? There are other threads in the forum if you do a search.