Should I worry about these mushrooms?

This is my focus retusa which I bought from a nursery. This was originally a 12 ft tree which I chopped down and converting it in a 3 foot bonsai.
As you can see from the picture I have all these mushrooms growing in the pot every time it’s humid outside. I suspect that underneath the soil there is a big chunk of dead wood where I had to cut most of the roots to get it in the pot. I believe this wood is rotting away and these mushrooms are feeding on this rotting wood. Should I worry about this? The tree is healthy and doesn’t seem to be affected but I m afraid that with all these rotting going on in the substrate eventually it will affect the roots… any thoughts?
Here is a picture to give you an idea…

General advice is not to worry about mushrooms if they’re growing out of the substrate. Mushrooms growing out of the tree could mean rot, so you’d need to look more closely at that. It’s hard to tell from your photo whether you’ve got any growing on the tree.

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Hmmm, Never heard of a Focus plant before.:rofl: