Mushrooms in the shell

Does anyone know this type of mushroom it grows in a bowl with a linden tree inside. Do i have worry if what can i do best. My english is not good i hope you can understand it. Im new to mirai and hope i posted it in the right place
Thanks in advance for your answer.


Mushrooms in the pot are usually a good sign and means you have healthy microbiome in the container. It’s usually only an issue if the mushrooms are going on the tree itself.

It could be a pale spore mushroom.
I think it’s a good sign to have fungal growth. I would say keep them if you want, but too many living things in the bonsai pot, aside from your tree, could compete for water and nutrients. I tend to remove most plant/fungal life before they root in deeply.
The mushrooms are a good indicator that your soil is healthy, however, removing it will not make your soil less healthy.

Thanks for your answer I’m really happy about that

can i just cut the mushrooms or how do i remove them if there are too many

all is well. We need bacteria and mycorrhiza to break down the organic fertilizer and give the tree health through the symbiosis of both with the tree’s roots. And the mushroom is the “fruit” of the mycorrhiza. You can remove them of by twisting a little but there is no reason.

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ok then I will not remove them thanks for the information