Mushroom growth in bonsai pots

I am getting a lot of mushrooms growing in my bonsai pots every time it rains. I get loads of tiny white mushrooms. Mainly on my ficus tree s pots. I was wondering if this is a good thing or I should be worried about it? These mushrooms die as soon as the substrate start drying out…

I believe the appearance of mushrooms on the soil (not on the tree which might represent wood rot) is a good thing as the mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of endo and ecto mycrozhiza (sp) which extends the reach and productivity of the tree’s roots.


Yes, what David said. As long as the mushrooms are growing out of your soil and not out of your tree you should be good. If you find a mushroom growing out of your tree that means you have harmful fungus and it is probably eating the wood of your tree from the inside out.

I remember someone posted a picture of a big mushroom growing directly out of the trunk of their crabapple on the bonsainut forums a couple years ago. They were saying look at this, isn’t it so pretty?! :joy:.

They ended up having to carve all the rotted wood out, and the tree ended up becoming completely hollow. Eek. But yea anyways, sounds like you have the good kind of mushroom.

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