Oak in a pine pot

I’ve noticed a few people wanting to grow/pot trees in a wooden log lately on the Q&A.
Here’s some insperation for you I found while out yamadori hunting in NW England UK yesterday.
We’ve all seen trees growing out the top of a stump but this gem has pushed out the side of a pine.


Hi @CarlisleMikeUK
Squirrel hiding its nuts in a rotting stump? The oak looks nice but totally uncollectible.

Yeah is imagion that’s what’s happened.
Lovely tree but not collection material.
Never found anything worth collecting all day but enjoyed seeing old knarly windswept oaks up in that area… I’d guess 300+ years old

One of the real joys I get from bonsai is the different perspective it gives you. When I started, I was seeing trees for the first time that I had passed everyday for years.